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Joensuu 1685 is a rock trio from Finland, formed in Helsinki 2007 by two brothers Mikko Joensuu, Markus Joensuu and (of same name but not a relative) Risto Joensuu, all in their early twenties. They love to get drowned in overtones, feedbacks and noises, due to paint a soft but sizzling stream of big beauty. Repetitive bass riffs, powerful yet pretty restrained drumming, extensive guitar overtones, pastoral organs and Mikko's singing creates original soundscapes and adds something new to the scenes where they might draw their influences from: bluesy garage psychedelia from the late 60s to the wall of sounds in the 80s and early 90s. The band's self-titled debut album, recorded at 22pp's own Altai studios and co-produced by Asko Keränen, will be released fall 2008 via Bone Voyage.